Hello, and thanks for visiting my website! I'm a regular guy, a Christian, blessed beyond my wildest expectations, and I'm based in the upstate area of South Carolina.
I've had an interest in, and have been doing, photography for many years--it is my passion for photography that helped me to choose my full-time career in Radiology, which is photography in the healthcare field (I've been in healthcare for 20 years). I have a passion for photography, and I enjoy studying and practicing it.
I enjoy computers and technology. I like music and making music. I like a job well-done. I love photos - I like to think of photos as windows - they let you look at one slice in time that will never be regained. What does that one moment in time mean to you? What are the memories that it holds? That one moment becomes more precious as the years go by! That is what photography is to me.
So how do the sessions work? When you're ready, we'll schedule a time and place for your session. I'm an on-location photographer based in the upstate of South Carolina, so I can capture those timeless moments in your comfort zone - perhaps in your home, or in the park, etc.
Once our session is complete, then allow approximately two weeks for editing and preparation of your images (it may take considerably less time). At that time, I will notify you that your images are complete. 
With Nix Pix Unlimited, you'll soon have beautiful and precious quality photographs - captured timeless moments - to cherish for a lifetime.
As a side note, I also provide aerial (drone) photography and video.  You can check out the services offered and examples of my work at https://www.nixaerialsolutions.com (Nix Aerial Solutions) - let me know what I can do for you!
Thanks for visiting . . .
Robert Nix
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